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Chest Holsters

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Leather Chest Holster Options for the Modern Sportsman

Our premium leather chest holsters are designed for a wide variety of sporting, hunting and outdoor activities, and offer comfortable, easily accessible carry. Chest holster systems are a great option for those times when having a large, powerful pistol or revolver readily accessible is paramount.

The Great Alaskan, Kodiak and Kodiak Hunter chest holsters are ideal for backcountry pistols and revolvers carried for hunting or protection against dangerous animals. Whether they’re securing your primary firearm or a backup weapon, their crossdraw carry ensures the quickest access. They’ll give you peace of mind when hiking, fishing or camping in bear country.

Fully adjustable, our chest holsters distribute your pistol or revolver’s weight comfortably and work well with backpacks, heavy clothing and other gear. They can also solve carry problems you may encounter when riding horses, motorcycles or ATVs. Your pistol or revolver will stay accessible without getting in your way or restricting movement.

Our chest holster styles and colors are as ruggedly handsome and open-carry friendly as they are tough. Carrying spare ammo is made easy by coordinating the optional Kodiak Holster Ammo Bandolier and Great Alaskan Ammo Carrier with the appropriate chest holster.

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