The Galco Custom Shop

Sometimes a production holster isn’t exactly what you want. Maybe you have a longer or shorter than standard barrel length. Maybe you want a color that isn’t offered as a production item. Perhaps you need a belt that’s longer or shorter than standard. Or maybe you want a truly deluxe holster made from a one-of-a-kind piece of exotic hide.

Galco is here to help you with all those things. The expert craftsmen in our custom shop have worked in our regular production department for many years, and often decades. They can alter many of our premium leather designs to meet your individual needs.

Most premium leather designs can be altered to fit barrels longer or shorter than our production holsters.

Leather colors can often be changed within our normal color palette of black, Havana brown, and tan. Premium leather holster belts can be made longer or shorter than production belts so that virtually every body shape and size can be accommodated.

And of course, many holsters can be made from our famous exotic skin, including alligator, ostrich, shark, and stingray. Our Concealable belt holster is the most popular of these, but many other leather holster designs can be made from exotic skins.

To get a price and timeframe quote on a custom or exotic item, please email us at