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  • Premium Center Cut Steerhide
  • Horizontal gun carry
  • Vertical double magazine carrier with secure flaps
  • Comfortable 1.5" wide harness straps
  • Swiveling Flexalon backplate
  • Accepts tie-downs/cuff case/accessory attachments
  • Fits chests up to 56"

NOTE: Version for Ruger LCP does NOT work with photoluminescent sights
NOTE: Most fits not compatible with red dot optics.
NOTE: the muzzle on some gun fits will protrude beyond the leather. This is by design.
NOTE: Extended Magazines
1. Full size pistol: system mag carrier will not accommodate extra-capacity or extended
magazines. To assemble a system for extended magazines, please purchase extended mag carrier or horizontal mag carrier as separate components.
2. Compact/subcompact pistol: if a full size version of your pistol is available, the mag
carrier will generally also accommodate magazines from the full-sized pistol.
3. Please contact Galco customer service for further clarification as needed.

NOTE: Sleeved Magazines
May not properly accommodate magazines with exterior sleeves, as the baseplates will
rub together.
    Since 1970, Galco has made the most comfortable, versatile and most copied shoulder holster systems in the world. If you want a genuine Galco shoulder holster for part-time carry, the Classic Lite™ 2.0 is for you.

    The Classic Lite 2.0 gives you all the comfort and versatility of our professional-grade shoulder systems, since we use the same connectors to achieve the same great fit and function, including our trademarked clover shape Flexalon™ swivel back plate.

    Using Premium Center Cut Steerhide™ allows us to offer a very reasonably priced alternative shoulder system with a proven track record. And you thought an ill-fitting nylon rig was the only affordable choice!

    This system includes holster, harness, double ammo carrier and a set of harness fasteners. Optional accessories and components may be purchased separately, including commonly-used items like tie-downs.

    The Classic Lite 2.0 is available in right and left hand draw in natural-color, premium center cut steerhide.

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Based on 113 reviews for the CLASSIC LITE 2.0 SHOULDER SYSTEM (AUTOS)

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July 3, 2022
Verified Buyer
(5.0 out of 5)
Classic Lite
Waited a while before trying the shoulder method of carry. I'm 81 y.o. I first purchased the Lite for my S&W 642 which I customarily carried in a pocket holster. This holster is more comfortable and I can wear it from wake up to wake down.
It makes the firearms more accessible in seated positions (cars, restaurants et.) Giving it 5 stars as I'm very happy with it. Also bought a Jackass rig for my G-19 and a VHS for my G-17 that has a Trijicon RMR on it. Love those two also. No more belt rigs for me, and I do shoot CQC drills with a group every week. Been reloading everything except rimfire since 1963.
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June 20, 2022
Verified Buyer
(5.0 out of 5)
Lite and Quality
Set up is easy and fit to pistol is gentle enough for easy draw. Fits well over or under a shirt, and should be good for all seasons of the year. I bought it for a Springfield EMP 9mm, and it even works well for this slightly undersized office type 3” barrel.
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June 10, 2022

(5.0 out of 5)
Classic Lite 2.0
My review

Gun leather is a serious issue for me! It speaks to the protection of the weapon carried, as well as accessibility. Fit and function cannot be overlooked.

I don't often write reviews for anything. I prefer to purchase or use the things that work for me. I guess I understand that just because I like something does not mean that that particular thing is functional or suitable for everyone.

However, in this case, I think I am qualified to make the following statements, and here are some reasons for my observations related to my qualifications.

I am a retired Houston Police Department Investigator. I served the city of Houston for 28 years, six months, and nine days. Although I wore many hats, the most related to this review was as a "Tactical Firearms Instructor, Narcotics(undercover), and Detective.

In executing my duties, I had to teach and conduct my duties while being armed and that weapon not being visible to the public.

For those of you who have lived in that climate, you know that a change in attire can occur on the same day! The Galco "Miami Classic" gave me incredible flexibility in carrying and comfort. I carried my weapon in the original for nearly half of my time on the department.

Chasing bad guys, fighting them, and taking them into custody while wearing the Classic was a piece of cake! I even wore it under "Hoodies" when the weather turned cooler, still hidden and accessible.

I have worn a lot of gun leather over the years, in the military, as a police officer, and now civilian. I was so sold on this particular style that this is the third set purchased, one for my then-wife and two for me. The last one, the less expensive model that has the rough leather, is for my full-size "Kimber" Custom II in 10mm. Again, the harness distributes the weight in just the right places, no carry fatigue here!

I do recommend treating all gun leather to be made with a leather treatment. Although I know some people are not so inclined, I guess that is what makes "Horse Racing."

I also recommend that while doing "Dryfire," which means safety, removing all live ammo from the room where dryfire is being conducted, you wear your "Miami Classic" to practice your draw, to develop some practice.

If you are new to this type of holster, you will need a modicum of familiarity. For your safety and the safety of those around you. Learning not to "Laser or Paint" your arm as you draw and reholster. Keep your finger off the trigger during that process!

In conclusion, for years of use on my older "Classics" in all kinds of weather and attire, your new Classic should provide years of service and become an "heirloom" for generations to come. So, on a scale from 1 to 10... I give it a solid 9.5. But, of course, nothing is perfect, so that is the best I can do.

Oh... I almost forgot! The 2.0 is much more affordable than the originals that I had previously purchased two additional ones over the years. Thanks guys!
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