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Privacy Statement

Galco International is extremely concerned with the security and safety of ordering on our site. It is vital to our success because we understand that our customers need to feel secure about Internet shopping.
Our policy is to never sell, display, or compromise the email addresses of our customers. We respect your privacy and would never expose you to the inconsiderate people who choose to spam.

Important information you should be aware of when shopping on Galco International's secure site:

Rather than using a regular cookie technique that intrudes on your privacy by installing a small file on your computer, our web pages use sessions that keep track temporarily of your browser ID associating it with your user name and password. When you close your browser the session is terminated, or if the browser is left open inactive for over 20 minutes, the session is dropped. Encrypting all communications between the browser and the server prevents hackers from capturing the session (for more info on sessions and cookies). Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, all traffic—including the sessions—are encrypted, so a hacker sniffing or monitoring the network will not be able to see the private session in use.

Our secure ordering pages have a lock symbol on the page and will have an "s" after the http in the URL (i.e.- https://www.galcogunleather.com). This "s" stands for secure (Secure Socket Layer - SSL protocol transmission). Look for these symbols at checkout when submitting your order or login on to your customer profile. Any information you enter on our secure pages is transmitted to us in a very strongly encrypted (scrambled) manner. Our SSL is the strongest, most advanced security available: 256-bit SSL encryption from VeriSign (www.verisign.com).

Galco International will never sell your personal information (name, address, phone or email) to any third party agency or vendor.

If you have any questions about secure Internet shopping or the information discussed above, please feel free to contact us.
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