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Price: $75.00
  • Summary
    • SCUBA web construction
    • Extremely stiff and rigid
    • Drop forged parachute-spec buckle with Robar Roguard finish
    • 1 1/2" wide
    • (M) 34-37 (L) Large 38-41 (XL) 42-45 (XXL) 46" - 49" 
    • Please see "Belt sizing" before ordering



  • Detail
    (M) 34-37 (L) Large 38-41 (XL) 42-45 (XXL) 46" - 49" 

    Do not pick the waist size you would LIKE to be, or guess – PLEASE MEASURE. 99% OF EXCHANGES ON THIS BELT ARE FOR THE NEXT SIZE UP!

    Please see "Belt sizing" before ordering.


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Oct 27, 2017
Unstoppable belts..
I wore one of these daily for about eight years. I carried in almost every configuration imaginable at some point - IWB, OWB, drop leg, etc. Somewhat regularly I'd run tool holders/pouches directly on the belt for construction work, felling trees, etc. A handful of times, I actually even use it to tie off while cutting trees on sketchy slopes, doing post-disaster roof repairs, and so on. In short - I threw everything at this belt. Through it all, I have absolutely no complaints. I just ended up throwing it away because the "loop" side of the velcro is finally so worn out that the tail end tends to flap in the wind. A couple odd looks around the office for having a tan belt sticking straight out in front of me in the belt buckle region, I decided it was time to retire old faithful.
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