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  • Single-thickness pants belt suitable for IWB carry
  • Bridle leather construction
  • Nickel-plated solid brass flat back buckle with Skull & Raven logo
  • Nine holes spaced 3/4" apart for micro adjustment
  • Four sizes to fit waists from 34" - 48"
  • 1 1/2" wide
  • Coffee color Pull-up Leather belt strap

*Select one of our dedicated lined holster belts (found here) for OWB or paddle holster carry

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Galco's Skull & Raven buckle and belt set adds an element of fierce-looking class!

The nickel-plated solid brass buckle features a debossed Skull & Raven emblem in contrasting antique black color. The buckle is investment cast in Galco's in-house foundry. Its unique post-style belt attachment allows it to lie flat for a neat and crisp appearance.

The Flat Back name is derived from how flat the belt sits when worn, compared to traditional mechanical or plate buckle belts. Traditional belts require the leather strip to be wrapped around the buckle attachment point, creating three layers of leather when worn, versus only two layers with the Flat Back Belt.

The belt strap is made from a single layer of coffee-colored Pull-up Leather. Nine holes spaced 3/4" apart allow for micro adjustment of the belt to the exact level of snugness you prefer, whether wearing your handgun inside the pants -- or not carrying IWB at all.

This is a single-layer belt that works well for IWB carry. However, if you intend to wear it with a belt or paddle holster, you should select one of our lined, dedicated holster belts (found here).
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