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  • Summary
    • Premium horsehide
    • Smooth leather interior for easy release of the firearm
    • Conceals the shape of the firearm
    • Double hooked shape and rough-out texture retain holster in pocket on draw
  • Detail

    While limiting the carrier to a relatively small handgun, pocket carry offers some unique advantages. Not only is the handgun completely covered and concealed, but the gun carrier can casually place a hand on the holstered/pocketed pistol if a nonspecific threat materializes – and the fastest draw is to have the gun already in hand. 

    The Front Pocket Holster is designed for front pocket carry in pants or a jacket. The Front Pocket Holster keeps the firearm in the same general position so you can quickly locate the grip when you need to draw, conceals the shape of the gun so that its outline is not printed through the pants, and allows one-handed release of gun from both pocket and holster. 
    The holster’s hooked shape – at the base of the handgun’s trigger guard – is designed to catch on the pocket so that, with practice (using an unloaded firearm) and while using the proper pants, you can draw the firearm while the holster remains in your pocket or falls away.

    The Pocket Protector is ambidextrous and constructed of premium horsehide.

    The holster should always be removed from the pocket when holstering the handgun.


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Oct 17, 2018
Debra Verified Buyer
Outstanding pocket holster, comfortable, secures weapon well, this is my second one in 14 years and original still works well except for the puppy teeth marks!!!! Highly recommended!!!!
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Aug 29, 2018
Quality EDC
The Galco Front Pocket Horsehide Holster is a very well made, top quality, good looking product. I use it everyday to carry my Kimber K6S. I'd purchase it again in a heartbeat.
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Aug 22, 2018
I have been using this holster for many years for a Kel Tec P380 and now for a Ruger LCP. It is rigid and holds its shape very well. It is the best front pocket holster I have ever owned. I wish Galco modify it to fit my new Ruger LCP II.
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Jun 9, 2018
I have been using this for about 10 years to carry my PM40 and it remains in fantastic condition.
It is well worth the money.
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