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Price: $75.00
  • Summary
    • SCUBA web construction
    • Extremely stiff and rigid
    • Drop forged parachute-spec buckle with Robar Roguard finish
    • 1 3/4" wide
    • (M) 34-37 (L) Large 38-41 (XL) 42-45 (XXL) 46" - 49" 
    • Please see "Belt sizing" before ordering.


  • Detail
    (M) 34-37 (L) Large 38-41 (XL) 42-45 (XXL) 46" - 49" 

    Do not pick the waist size you would LIKE to be, or guess – PLEASE MEASURE. 99% OF EXCHANGES ON THIS BELT ARE FOR THE NEXT SIZE UP!

    Please see "Belt sizing" before ordering.


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Jul 31, 2018
Rick Verified Buyer
GALCO velcro web belts
I have owned 4 or 5 of these, 1-1/2" & the newest, 1-3/4". I also have owned several GALCO leather belts and have some 10 or 15 GALCO holsters, much bought from "Packing Heat" or "Leather for Lefties" in South Texas, over the years.

The webbing belts were a good idea, but the velcro eventually wears out. The one with the really soft, floppy non-reinforced end doesn't work as well as the others. I wear a GALCO belt some 90% of the time, unless I must wear a "dress" belt. Good products, but very expensive.

The most recent purchase, the 1-3/4" belt, is very firm & sturdy. My UDC is GLOCK 26 OR 19, neither very heavy; works well with them. The holsters are GALCO SCOUT and larger GALCO models.

Belts work very well with those, even with a 1911 or heavier.

When the velcro starts to wear, the belt begins to slip, must be continuously re-adjusted during the day.

I intend to comparison shop more before another purchase.

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Nov 2, 2017
Great Belt
Belt is flexible, yet rigid enough to hang holsters and magazine pouches. The finish on the metal buckle is bullet-proof, and the combination of the buckle clamp and hook-and-loop fasteners keep the belt in place.
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