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Hidden Open Carry Holsters

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“Open carry” can include a lot of different ways of carrying your handgun in public, so Galco Gunleather offers many ways to hide a handgun in plain sight – with style! Our hidden open carry holsters include everything from beautiful genuine leather gun purses to holsters that look like leather agenda cases, as well as holsters that fit easily inside your existing purse or briefcase.

There’s the Defense Planner day timer type case, which looks like a regular leather planner case but houses a handgun and spare ammo for EDC. Or the Hidden Agenda -- an actual fully functional day planner that just happens to have room for a small firearm and ammo for CCW carry. There are also several fashionable leather handbags in our Hidden Open Carry Holsters collection, all beautifully crafted from fine quality leather and finished with sturdy brass or nickel-plated brass hardware. 

Stay safe. Look stylish and professional in the process. Shop our hidden open carry gun holsters today!


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