Holsters For Your 1911

Mar 4, 2021 at 12:00am
By Zac C.
Holsters For Your 1911

Holsters for your 1911

The 1911 pistol is an incredibly popular gun commonly used for concealed carry and is well-liked for its power and ease of shooting. A classic gun like the 1911 deserves a holster that matches its reputation. At Galco Holsters we use premium materials whether that is leather, Kydex, or nylon. We build products meant for comfort, ease of access, and durability. We offer a variety of options for 1911 holsters; below we will go over a number of popular choices.

It is important to consider retention (ensuring your gun is secure), covered trigger, ease of access, and choosing a holster that works for your dominant hand. With any holster, it is important to get used to the product and understand that practice and professional training can also improve something like how easily and quickly you can draw your gun.

Belt Holsters

Belt holsters are great for many reasons. You can use them for concealed carry or open carry and they allow for ease of access. Our belt holsters offer a variety of choices for retention which is important for ensuring your gun remains secure as well as easily drawn when needed. With any holster, you also want to consider trigger coverage for safety reasons.

Whether you choose leather, Kydex or any other type of material, you can be assured you are getting premium material and craftsmanship. We offer many belt holster options that work well with the 1911.

IWB Holsters

1911 pistols are popular choices for concealed carry. Understandably, many people like to go with Inside the Waistband Holsters (IWB Holsters). This is a popular choice for those looking for the best concealed carry holster. Within the variety of options for IWB holsters, Appendix Carry is a popular choice as it sits in front of the body and for many ensures easier access than other positions. With any IWB holster, the comfort may vary and require adjustment depending on body type and what kind of clothing you are wearing. The ability to draw quickly could vary by person depending on experience and training. With enough practice and training, you can improve your ability to draw quickly from a variety of holster types.

Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters are another popular option for concealed carry. Access is very quick and easy from the seated position, whether commuting in a car or sitting at a desk. Ankle carry offers multiple advantages in deep concealment applications. Further, for some users, ankle holsters are a popular option to carry backup guns.

This type of holster is comfortable to wear for hours – and is actually more comfortable than most when sitting. We offer a number of options that would work well for compact 1911s, plus an Ankle Safe™ to securely carry your valuables as well as a spare magazine or other accessories.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are a popular option for good reason. If you need to carry concealed, a jacket can easily and comfortably cover your gun. Our shoulder holsters are made from premium leather that is meant to last and they are easy to put on and remove. This type of holster is also popular for comfortable wear and ease of access.

Our shoulder holsters that work for the 1911 offer grab-and-go modularity and allow you to customize your system for your dominant hand. Shoulder holsters are also popular as they are comfortable to wear - whether sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Picking the Best 1911 Holsters

Obviously, the best holster to choose depends on a number of factors. Take the time to research different options and how that works with your needs and lifestyle.

We offer a wide variety of options for your 1911 firearm. Above are just a few of the choices you have. Check out the other options we offer or contact us with any questions. We are more than happy to help ensure you find the perfect holster.