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Rides between belt and pants
Hybrid Kydex/leather construction
Rigid holster body
Open top
Forward cant
Fits belts to 1 3/4"
Available in black or tan

NOTE: Not compatible with red dot optics.
Galco's Jak Slide™ 2.0 rides between the belt and pants for an ideal blending of IWB and OWB holsters, and offers advantages of both. The original all-leather Jak Slide was introduced by Galco in the mid-1970s, and now we’ve improved it with a contemporary hybrid redesign.

The Jak Slide 2.0 uses the pressure of the belt to pull the pistol in tightly to the body, giving the carrier almost all the concealability of an inside waistband holster. This level of concealment helps nearly everyone hide a compact or full-size pistol on the waistline.

The Jak Slide 2.0 also offers the comfort advantages of a belt holster, since the gun doesn’t ride directly inside the pants. This eliminates the common need to “size up” and buy new pants, allowing you to continue using the comfortable pants you’ve had for years.

One of the Jak Slide 2.0’s signature advantages comes from its hybrid construction of leather and Kydex®. The rigid Kydex gun pocket keeps the holster open when the gun is drawn, allowing easy and safe one-handed return to the holster.

A subtle advantage of the Jak Slide design is that, once the handgun is removed, it’s virtually unrecognizable as a handgun holster to a casual observer. This means that, should you need to enter an area where handguns are prohibited, you can simply remove your pistol and secure it, without the trouble of also removing the holster.

Speed is always critical in a defensive situation, and the Jak Slide 2.0’s open top and full firing grip accessibility permit a fast, unencumbered draw.

Combining the comfort of a belt holster with the concealability of an IWB gives gun carriers the best of both worlds!
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February 27, 2020

(5.0 out of 5)
Quality as expected.
There are times I need a discreet holster that hides when the pistol is locked away. It doesn't scream GUN when I go into the Post Office or bank. After business is done, the gun rides right where I want it. Very secure and comfortable.
The only downside is that there isn't one made for a Springfield XD9 or a Ruger SR-9c. I would purchase them.
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