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Let's Go Shooting!

Jul 31, 2018 at 12:00am
By Mike B.
Let's Go Shooting!

While August is something a lot of us in Arizona dread – it sometimes hits 120* here – this year we’re also looking forward to it. August is the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting Sports Month, and this year’s theme is “Let’s Go Shooting.” Here at Galco, everyone agrees!

The NSSF’s emphasis is on including as many people as possible in the shooting sports, and making people of all backgrounds feel welcome as they step into a gun shop, onto the firing line, or into the hunting fields. This is obviously a laudable goal, and for many reasons.

If the gun culture we all love is going to survive, we need to fend off the endless attacks from our political opponents, and to do that we need voters who understand the gun issue. We need to bring in people of every background and make them friends and allies who are welcome in the gun culture. This part is obvious.

But beyond that, America is supposed to be a “melting pot,” right? It’s a place where people from different places, who might hold differing opinions on many things, can come together. The shooting sports is one great place to do that, because after all, what’s more distinctly American than a group of family and friends shooting or hunting together?

This year the NSSF is emphasizing several ways to make the shooting sports approachable, accessible, and most of all, fun for newcomers. Fortunately, Galco can help with many of these!

Want to try your hand at one of the many action shooting handgun sports? Galco has you covered. In fact, Galco’s Reed G. talked about this in a recent blog post. Holsters like the Avenger and Corvus, among others, are well-suited to sports like USPSA and IDPA. Just look for the “RECOMMENDED FOR USPSA & IDPA” logo on our website to identify holsters suitable for those sports.

Long range rifle shooting is another fun way to burn powder and have a great time in the outdoors. Galco’s been supporting long-distance riflemen (and riflewomen) with our marksman slings for many years. Choose from the perennially popular all-leather Safari Ching Sling or the supremely versatile nylon RifleMann Sling to help make those long-range hits!

The shotgun sports like trap, skeet and sporting clays, can be an excellent introduction to shooting. Flying targets and shotguns – what’s not to like? For decades, Galco has supported the shotgun sports with an extensive line of best-quality Sporting Collection accessories. With everything from gorgeous-yet-practical shooting bags to shell pouches, Galco has the shotgun sports covered.

Cowboy Action shooting is another incredibly fun shooting sport with a relatively low barrier to entry and an appeal to just about anyone who has ever seen a Western on TV or at the movies. Galco’s 1880s Cartridge Belt and Strongside Holster will get a new Western-style shooter started with great gear at a great price. So cowboy up and get out to the range!

So despite the heat here in Arizona, we’re looking forward to Shooting Month. Do yourself, a novice, and the whole gun community a favor – invite someone shooting!