Nah, modern guns!

Apr 27, 2018 at 12:00am
By CSR .
Nah, modern guns!

Don’t listen to Gerry’s blog post!

I’m Leo and I’m a gunaholic (it should be a word). I consider myself to be closer to the average gun owner around here. What I mean by that is: I don’t shoot competitively, have hundreds of hours of training, or been carrying since gunpowder was invented. I carry a gun as a hobby, and as such, I like to buy and trade guns often to get a better feel for what works best for me.  What I have found is that I prefer to carry a modern handgun over a vintage one, i.e. old.

I can appreciate that old guns can be fun to shoot and aesthetically pleasing. But something that was not available back in the olden days was modularity. One of the pistols in my rotation is a Sig P320c. The ability to change the grip modules and slides to create a different gun is an amazing advantage over vintage relics. I primarily use it as my “driving” gun which I carry in a Miami Classic II Shoulder System. Carrying it in that manner when driving gives me quick access and is extremely comfortable.

Now let’s talk size. I’m secure enough to tell you that bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to carrying. The use of modern manufacturing and materials like polymer, titanium, etc., have allowed for a decrease in the size and weight of guns while simultaneously increasing ammo capacity.  Small guns like my Glock 26 have allowed me to carry IWB in a KingTuk very comfortably without the need to do sit-ups.

The durability of today’s finishes is much better than, say, the Royal Blue finish on a Colt Python. Don’t get me wrong, that’s what I consider to be bluing perfection. However, from a carry standpoint, I wouldn’t want to harm the finish. I consider the finish of my carry guns to be like that of the paint on a work truck, meaning if it gets scratched or dinged, who cares? But because most vintage guns are collectable, using and abusing one as an EDC doesn’t make sense for me. I do admit I have one gun where I do care about the finish, but I don’t use it for concealed carry. It’s S&W 627 Pro Series which has a bead blasted finish, so I carry it in a Galco Phoenix holster which is suede lined to minimize wear. I consider it the Cadillac of Galco holsters.

Technology has not only had an effect on guns but also the holsters they are carried in. Kydex holsters like Galco’s Corvus and hybrids like the KingTuk (my personal favorite) are becoming much more popular. They may not offer the smell, feel or aesthetics of a beautifully hand-crafted leather holster but they do offer functionality. Kydex requires less maintenance, is impervious to the elements and makes one handed holstering very easy. Honestly, for whatever reason, I just really like the “click” sound a Kydex holster makes when the gun seats in it. And who says Kydex can’t be pretty? Have you seen the Corvus in the carbon fiber finish?

-Leo D.