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PHOENIX, Spring 2012

Galco Gunleather is excited to introduce its new Facebook page! Constructed of Zuckerberg-approved synthetic, the Facebook page helps followers learn about Galco and our products in a quick, easy, transparent way.

 We know everyone has a Facebook page, even the BATFE, but we weren’t sure this Facebook thing had any staying power until the IPO was announced. A week later, we figured we’d better hurry up and join before Facebook goes the way of VHS tapes and the Bren Ten.

 With the Galco Facebook page, the serious gun carrier gets a fast, fun, and friendly way to communicate with Galco – and at a price even lower than shares in an IPO.

 Find Galco on Facebook at facebook.com/galcogunleather!

Media contact:
Mike Barham
Media Liaison
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