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Derek Vest
Public Relations Dept.
1-800-US-Galco (874-2526)

PHOENIX, Spring 2008 – Galco International is proud to announce the resounding success of its Holster for Heroes™ program, which has recently exceeded $85,000 in total holster donations to American troops deployed overseas!

The Holsters for Heroes program began in April of 2005. Through the generosity of Galco’s many patriotic customers, along with their partners in the Veteran’s Service Organizations that coordinate the donations, Galco has been able to provide high quality shoulder holster systems to many hundreds of deploying armed forces members.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Holsters for Heroes program, Galco provides two-for-one pricing to donors on the battle-proven VHS shoulder holster system for the military-issue M9 pistol. This means that, for every donation made by a Galco customer, two service members receive holsters. These holster systems are, in turn, distributed to deploying armed forces personnel though Veteran’s Service Organizations such as the VFW and American Legion. Military unit commanders generally select holster recipients on the basis of rank, economic need, and military performance. Junior enlisted service members holding lower rank, and consequently of lesser pay grade, are given priority.

As one Army senior officer commented about the program, “It's a great idea. Not only will it save the taxpayer some money, it will ensure high quality holsters, will boost Soldier morale, and will get American citizens involved – something that always helps a country win wars.”

Galco is gratified that the Holsters for Heroes program has been so successful, and Galco is certain that their customers will continue their generous donations. Future donations will enable Galco to put many more high quality shoulder holster systems in the hands of those who most need them: the courageous military personnel fighting the Global War on Terrorism.

For further information on the Holsters for Heroes program, contact Derek Vest at 1-800-874-2526 x1002, or go to and click on Holsters for Heroes.


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