Combining some of the best features of the perennially popular Ankle Glove™ and the ultra- modern BlakGuard™ belt holster, the Ankle Guard is a huge step forward in ankle carry. Twin tension units allow quick adjustment for ease of draw and handgun security, while a tension-locking unit secures the handgun at the trigger guard. The Ankle Guard’s "trench" style sight rail easily accommodates virtually all iron sights, and this generously-beveled sight rail also allows a smooth and easy return to the holster. The front of the AnkleGuard is cut low and even allows use of most carry-style optical sights.

The Ankle Guard’s neoprene ankle cuff is padded with genuine sheepskin and secured with Velcro®. A metal d-ring allows attachment of the optional Ankle Calf Strap. The cuff fits ankles up to 13” in circumference.

Available in black, the Ankle Guard’s MSRP is $85.


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