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  • Summary
    • Premium steerhide
    • Available in tan or black
    • Holster component only

  • Detail
    Our S3H holster component is made for pistols, and will work with our Miami Classic, Miami Classic II, SSH, and our half harness systems. It features a tension screw adjustment, thumb break and will accept a tie down. The S3H holster component is constructed of premium saddle leather and is available in tan or black finish in right hand draw.

    This is a holster only, not a complete system.

    The modular interchangeable component shoulder systems (originally known as the "Jackass Rig™") were invented by Galco International in 1970. Today, we continue to offer quality and versatility by developing products that enable you to design the perfect system to suit your needs. For example, you may assemble a two-handgun rig, a half harness system, or add tie downs and cuff case to an existing system. The possibilities are endless.

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Aug 28, 2019
Component change
I bought a 43X this year and decided that I would rather carry it rather than my G19, so I ordered this holster to swap out on my shoulder rig. The holster is very attractive and fits my new pistol very well. Good quality as expected. Always have been happy with Galco products.
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Jun 14, 2019
PPK Shoulder Holster
My original Galco Should Holster lasted for over 20 years, but it was time for a replacement. The new shoulder arrived in perfect condition and fit my firearm very well. I have used it daily since and am very please with the product (5 Stars). BG
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Apr 18, 2019
Alan Verified Buyer
Great gear
The holster is typically outstanding in all areas. Fit, finish and wearability.
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Jan 10, 2019
Miami Classic
I use this system to carry a Glock 23 and also a Springfield 1911. Very comfortable and easy access.
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Jan 4, 2019
Owner of many guns and holsters
I have at least a dozen holsters and I have found that the Miami Classic ll is the most comfortable and best fit to my body style, I carry every day and I can say I will only use my Miami Classic ll Shoulder Rig !!!
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Dec 5, 2018
I have been using The Miami Classic II shoulder system since the 90's and cant say enough good things about it. I keep buying different holsters to match my off duty carry weapons and found this is one of the best platforms out there, its a great system. I conceal carry all day and night and this system is super comfortable to wear even riding motorcycles. I love how it fits once you get your adjustments made and fits your body perfectly.
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Oct 21, 2018
Every product I’ve purchased from Glaco has been of excellent quality! The holster and double magazine case I recently purchased continue that tradition!
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