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  • Steerhide belt strap with .357-caliber cartridge loops
  • Fits Wrangler Holster (see below)
  • Brass buckle
  • Holster sold separately
Please see "Belt sizing" before ordering.
Maybe you enjoyed watching cowboy heroes ride across the screen, heard stories about them from your fathers and uncles, or even worked as a real cowboy yourself. But we can all agree that there’s something timeless and uniquely American about the gunleather used by the rugged men of the Old West.

Designed to fit single action revolvers, the Wrangler™ Western holster and belt provide a “retro” look and feel that hearkens back to the American frontier. The Wrangler cartridge belt carries spare ammo in the traditional, looped Western style. The companion Wrangler holster (sold separately) is a tan steerhide, high-riding design with open top and hammer thong retention.

The Wrangler Holster and cartridge belt are not only a great way to introduce shooters of all ages to the romance and heritage of the Old West, they’re also perfect for carrying your revolver hunting, camping, or that most American of pastimes, plinking.

Holster and belt sold separately.
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