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  • Hybrid injection-molded/centercut steerhide construction
  • Adjustable internal retention (at trigger guard)
  • Lined neoprene ankle cuff with hook-and-loop closure
  • Fits ankles to 13" in circumference
  • Available in black
  • Sight rail accommodates most suppressor sights
  • Patent pending

NOTE: Holsters will fit guns with red dot carry-optic sights ONLY if listed in the dropdown as “W/WO red dot.” Holsters compatible with most red dot carry-optic sights will contain the letter “R” in the product code’s suffix.


Combining some of the best features of the perennially popular Ankle Glove™ and the ultra-modern BlakGuard™ belt holster, the Ankle Guard is a huge step forward in ankle carry. An adjustable internal retention device secures the handgun at the trigger guard. The Ankle Guard’s "trench" style sight rail easily accommodates virtually all iron sights, and this generously-beveled sight rail also allows a smooth and easy return to the holster. The front of the Ankle Guard is cut low and even allows use of most carry-style optical sights.

The Ankle Guard’s neoprene ankle cuff is padded with genuine sheepskin and secured with hook-and-loop closure. A slot in the holster body allows attachment of the optional Ankle Calf Strap. The cuff fits ankles up to 13” in circumference.

Available in black.

Patent pending.

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July 25, 2023

(5.0 out of 5)
Great so far
Good customer service, holster arrived when expected. Very comfortable !
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June 10, 2023

(5.0 out of 5)
better than expected..
I did my research on ankle holsters and decided on the ankle guard due to the retention system combined with Galco's efforts for quality comfort and glad I did. It has a solid internal retention that is adjustable and I can literally wear it all day long with comfort carrying a Hellcat OSP with optic. I recommend the ankle strap as it pulls the holster up and secures it at the desired level. This is really not for biggie. If I could ask Galco for exactly what I wanted it would be a full kydex shell specific to my firearm combined with this comfortable setup but this really does what I want anyway. If you are looking for an ankle holster I think you won't find one better than this on the current market. Thanks Galco, keep it up!
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April 10, 2023

(5.0 out of 5)
Ankle Holster Review
I'm using the ankle holster in conjunction with the calf strap. This is a great setup. My P365 just disappears under a pair of jeans or slacks. It is the most comfortable carry method I've experienced. I really like its accessibility while sitting in the car, theatre, or other venues where the belt holstered gun has its access blocked. I'm still practicing the draw of yanking the pant leg up and efficiently drawing the gun, it not going to be as fast as a quality belt setup but good for having a gun readily available in circumstances where carrying in deeper concealment is the best way to go. Great product highly recommend!
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