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Pocket Holsters

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Premium Leather and Nylon Pocket Holsters for Secure Concealed Carry

Pocket carry is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to keep a smaller revolver or pistol on hand. It’s also one of the longest-standing concealed carry traditions.

A well-made pocket holster is essential to making this practice safe and discreet. It disguises a handgun’s shape, protects the trigger, and ensures you can draw easily. A pocket holster also makes it harder for anyone besides you to access your weapon. If you perceive a threat, you can place your hand on your pistol or revolver without drawing attention to it.

Our premium leather pocket holsters are simple yet effective. The Front Pocket Horsehide Holster, designed for small handguns, is ambidextrous and will fit in pants or jacket pockets. Its rigid frame and double-hooked shape keep it securely inside the pocket, while a smooth interior facilitates a quick draw.

Our premium center cut steerhide Pocket Protector Holster has a metal-reinforced mouth and will keep your firearm upright in your pocket. Its companion piece, the PMC Pocket Magazine Carrier, stores extra ammo on hand.

The Stukon-U Pocket Holster is a budget-friendly concealed carry option. It has a Gripper Shell™ exterior that grabs the inside of the pocket, a closed-cell foam substrate for sturdiness, and an interior packcloth lining to protect your handgun and smooth your draw.

Galco pocket holsters provide you with a quick, convenient and effective way to carry your gun.

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