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  • Summary
    Designed in response to customers heading to combat zones, the Quad magazine carrier also works very well for those who must be discreetly yet heavily armed. It holds four magazines in horizontal position, while tension units and straps secure the magazines.

    Galco International invented the modular interchangeable component shoulder systems (originally known as the "Jackass Rig™ ") in 1969. Today, we continue to offer quality and versatility by developing products that enable you to design the perfect system to suit your needs. For example, you may assemble a two-handgun rig, a half harness system, or add tie downs and cuff case to an existing system. The possibilities are endless.

    The QCL is ambidextrous and available in tan or black finish.
  • Detail
    • Holds four magazines.
    • Adjustable tension units
    • Available in tan or black


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Jul 5, 2019
Cool looking and useful
Works great with Sig Sauer 228 and 229 mags but little tight on the 2 end slots for the glock 19 and 23 mags. Guess you might be able to stretch out with the plastic bag method but it's going to take some time and effort. Will just use with my Sig Sauer weapons as usual galco quality is there in looks and durability, would buy again.
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Apr 27, 2019
Better then it appears!
Bought this to carry additional mags to replace my dual mag pouch & as other mentioned, it hangs well even though it isn’t compatible with the tie down set I used with the dual mag pouch.

I have to say it counters a full-size weapon on the opposite side so well that not only it didn’t make a difference that it’s not compatible, I actually took the tie down off the other side as well.

Note: this type of rig(shoulder holsters in general) are much better worn snug up under the armpit. They don’t move around as much and easier to get in & out of vehicles.
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Jan 6, 2019
Leggie Verified Buyer
Works for urban combat zones, wherever you are
Bought this unit to ensure proper magazine replenishment, if that moment were to ever materialize. Fit is perfect, even without a tie-down. I am simply amazed that it does not flop around more. Typical Galco, very well made. Would give it six stars but only five available.
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