Ruger GP100 Holster Options

Ruger’s GP100 line are rugged, reliable, dependable revolvers. Galco’s range of premium holstering options ensures you can pick the perfect holster for your Ruger.

For a no-nonsense, top-quality belt holster, the DAO™ Holster may be the option for you. This straightforward holster is constructed of premium steerhide, and can be worn either strongside or crossdraw – the choice is yours. The tension unit is variable for minute adjustments, and the polymer tab aids in both snapping and unsnapping your retention strap. This holster will accompany either the Ruger GP100 4 inch, or the Ruger GP100 6 inch.

A newer approach to holsters is the Switchback™, another holster that can be worn to your preference – strongside or crossdraw. The hybrid construction of synthetic and leather creates a durable and innovative holster design. Several layers of material and an ambidextrous design makes this Ruger GP100 holster an enticing option for anyone who’s looking to carry with confidence. Ruger’s GP100 3 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch will each fit in this ambidextrous design.

A great concealment option for the Ruger GP100 holster option is the Summer Comfort™ Holster. This comfortable yet functional inside the waistband holster features a metal-reinforced mouth, open top for easy draw, and premium steerhide construction material. This IWB design will allow you to discreetly carry your Ruger GP100 3 inch or 4 inch.

Galco makes a Ruger GP100 holster to suit almost everyone’s preferences.

Ruger GP100 Holsters



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