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  • Summary
    • Elasticized nylon
    • Two leather holster pockets fit most handguns
    • Two accessory pockets
    • Accommodates strongside, crossdraw, appendix and small of back carry
    • SM (30-34) MED (36-40) LG (42-46) XL (48-52)
  • Detail
    Galco's update of the traditional belly band allows concealed carry of multiple weapons and accessories around the midsection, in an infinite variety of configurations. The UnderWraps also enables the user to make instant additions and changes to the carry rig. Two leather holster pockets facilitate stable positioning of one or two firearms simultaneously, while two accessory pockets accommodate badge, cuffs, ammo - you name it!
    The UnderWraps can be worn like a traditional belly band (low on the waistline, partially under the beltline or just above it), or it can be worn around the torso's mid-section (around the solar plexus area).
    The UnderWraps accommodates both right and left hand draw, strongside, crossdraw, appendix, small of back and kidney carry, with butt-forward and barrel-forward cants.



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Oct 27, 2018
Exceptional In Every Respect
I purchased this holster in order to have a more comfortable and practical way of carrying concealed during the Summer. However, I’m now seeing this as an ideal system to use all year. The comfort is far beyond what a standard holster worn at the waistline offers. The quality of construction and the thought that went into the design are evident. Stocky double stacks are easily concealed with no printing and single stacks promptly become invisible. When set up for old-school crossdraw, ease of accessibly and speed on the draw surpass waistband holsters. Every attribute I was looking for, delivered. As promised. I highly recommend this holster system.
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Sep 13, 2018
My Favorite Holster
This holster is extremely comfortable for carrying my Glock 43. I’ve had it for several months and it is well broken in. It holds my firearm securely and is easy to draw from and relatively easy to reholster.
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Aug 29, 2018
My Daily EDC
The Galco Belly Band Holster is a top quality, well made, versatile, comfortable everyday carry.
No matter my attire, from a t-shirt and athletic shorts, to a suit and tie, the GBB works well in all environments.
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Aug 7, 2018
Worth the little extra cost
I bought a cheap belly band holster just to try it out to see if it fit my needs. While it worked well, it wore out quickly so on the advise of a friend, I bought a Galco -- it has been far superior to the cheap one and still going strong lone after the cheap one quit.
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Mar 25, 2018
Does The Job Well
Most all holsters ride up too high for me so a LEO friend of mine suggested one of these. He uses one off duty for years that his wife actually made him.
I love this thing. It stretches with me when I sit and moves around with me when I move...a regular holster seems outdated to me after using this Band. To each their own.
What's neat about this thing is if I want to put my cell phone, a small notepad/pen and keys in's easy to do so. Plus, the ability to carry extra ammo in the same concealed manner, is terrific.
Thank you!
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Feb 27, 2018
Great for women.
I've tried many holsters but use this one almost exclusively. It is great for giving women the flexibility that a woman needs with the different styles of clothes that we wear and is very comfortable. It can be worn under jeans and a T-shirt, shorts and tank top, skirt and sweater or loose flowing top. Many women's pants and skirts do not have useable pockets so I've even used the extra pocket to carry a credit card and a phone. Nothing ever shows. I've used it mostly with my small .380 for a few years but have used it with my large 9mm and now have made a 38 revolver my everyday carry. It works well enough that I am now ordering another one. If you are looking for a comfortable holster, I highly recommend this belly band!
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Nov 28, 2017
I love this belly band. I use it a lot for my very small .380. I can go into public places with a t-shirt and completely conceal my handgun around my waist. I can sit down or bend over without the gun bulging out. This holster suits the needs and the body contours of a woman well. However, it only works for a right handed person if you put the leather side against your body.
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