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    • Holster component only
    • Premium steerhide
    • Available in tan or black
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    This web page is for the purchase of the holster only. You are NOT PURCHASING THE COMPLETE SYSTEM, JUST THE HOLSTER for the price shown above. Please click here to see the complete system.

    Professionals who carry a firearm as part of their daily work recognize Galco's Shoulder Holster Systems as the most comfortable and concealable in the world. After all, Galco has spent the last three and a half decades perfecting them--and we haven't stopped searching for ways to make them even better!

    After a number of helicopter pilots in LE Air units briefed us on their special needs, we turned our attention early in '04 to designing a new Vertical Shoulder Holster System. We combined features from our Miami Classic Holster with a traditional vertical shoulder holster into a system that’s perfect for 21st century in-flight LE and Emergency Personnel. It allows comfortable carry, and can be worn exposed over a flight suit in emergency room settings without alarming civilians with an exposed horizontal muzzle.

    The VHS has been field tested over military BDU’s and general hunting clothing as well, with great success.

    And although we did not set out to create another concealment rig, we discovered that we did!--it’s hard to break away from one's roots. The new VHS provides the long-awaited alternative for those who want the concealment of our Miami Classic but, for whatever reason, prefer the classic vertical carry style.

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Apr 15, 2019
Great Holster
Very comfortable and highly functional holster for vertical carry. Great looking with a coat off in addition to being very unobtrusive under business attire.
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Mar 20, 2019
Vertical shoulder holster
Quick to ship and arrive.
Very nice quality leather with good fitment for my
Colt Government model. Really want to get it worn in and get the stiffness out.
Good materials and workmanship.
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Mar 7, 2019
Quality leather product. Great fit.
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Feb 20, 2019
Very impressive
Much better carrying my 1911 vertical rather than horizontal.
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Dec 17, 2018
New VHS is absolutely beautiful artwork. Stunning. Too bad it's under my suit coat. Did I mention how well the VHS functions when you carry a very large piece of iron concealed? Comfortable. My original is a full size S&W 357 magnum I can carry all day without a second thought. The new VHS is for a full size 911 pro. Fun.
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Oct 1, 2018
Vertical for better concealment
I already own the Galco horizontal shoulder holster system. I swapped the holsters hoping for better concealment under a light jacket. I will carry it when the weather turns colder. Still working with adjusting it for best fit for me. Well made and I think it will work just fine.
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