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  • Summary
      Premium Steerhide
      Vertical gun carry
      Vertical double magazine carrier with secure flaps for autos
      Double dump pouch for revolvers
      Comfortable wide harness with swiveling Flexalon backplate
      Accepts optional accessory attachments
      Accepts ambidextrous tie-downs on holster and ammo sides (not included)

  • Detail
    Galco combined features from our Miami Classic™ with a traditional vertical shoulder holster to create a system that’s perfect for the 21st century’s first responders and military personnel.

    Proven in Iraq and Afghanistan, the VHS™ has been field tested over military uniforms and general hunting clothing with great success, and thousands are currently in use by American armed services personnel fighting the Global War on Terrorism.

    Although we did not set out to create another concealment rig, we discovered that it’s hard to break away from our roots. The VHS provides a long-awaited alternative for those who want the concealment of our Miami Classic but prefer the classic vertical carry style.

    A key component of this shoulder system is its spider harness. All four points of the spider harness can pivot independently and are connected by our clover shape, trademarked Flexalon™ swivel back plate. This, along with our patented swivel connectors, results in a perfect fit and lasting comfort for virtually all body sizes and shapes.

    The Vertical Shoulder Holster System consists of holster, harness, ammo carrier and a set of system screws. Fully modular, optional accessories and components may be purchased separately.

    Whether you patrol the perilous sands of the Middle East, walk the mean streets of metropolitan America, or stalk the hunting fields of the world, the VHS will help you and your handgun stay secure in an often-dangerous world.

    Made for semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers, the VHS is ambidextrous and available in tan or black finish.

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Mar 3, 2019
John Verified Buyer
VHS System
Everything I expected. High quality leather and fittings. Tried to adjust it myself, but still needed a buddy for final fit. Comfortable, and I like the way it distributed the load across your shoulders.
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Mar 1, 2019
Very comfortable
VERY nice quality...EASY to assemble, fit and break in...VERY comfortable to wear...I'm VERY pleased with this product...
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Feb 28, 2019
Great quality product
Was easy to assemble, fit and break in...very comfortable...I am VERY happy with this purchase...
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Dec 16, 2018
Easy to set up and a comfortable fit. Great option for carry under a suit jacket.
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Dec 10, 2018
Jeff Verified Buyer
VHS Shoulder Holster
As I have come to expect with Galco products, the VHS shoulder holster was exactly what I wanted. As stated in the other reviews, the "system" is a little hard to get adjusted but I think I've found the sweet spot and I am very pleased with the product.
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Dec 6, 2018
Spartacus Verified Buyer
VHS/Jackass Systems
Back in the olden days...when the 92FS first came to the civilian market, I had to have it! And of course the only carry rig appropriate for such a firearm was the Miami Classic by ...Galco.

I still have that rig in a nicely broken in comfort. However, certain things came to pass over time, and it is very hard to conceal horizontally. As a duty weapon I never noticed it on my hip. But serious weight loss got me to where I just couldn't hide it with the Classic.

Then I saw the VHS Shoulder System! And the Jackass!
I doubled down as fast as I could!!!
Like the other gentlemen mentioned, hard to get it just right. If I remember correctly it took me up to maybe two weeks of fiddling and tweaking it to get it "just right".
Thirty years out of a good gun leather.
Yeh, sounds good to me.
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Oct 5, 2018
john Verified Buyer
yes its a bit difficult to get adjusted correctly, maybe some slight change in design would be worth thinking about or different fasteners so that it doesn't need 2 people to do it, or maybe people could use a sturdy jacket as a template to get it most of the way there and then fine tune on yourself after?

having said that its a really good quality product and extremely comfortable.
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Apr 18, 2018
Corrections officer
I was looking for another concealed carry option to get the gun off of my belt. Sometimes it would dig into my hip or whatever. Being a leaner guy the horizontal options(Miami or jackass) would not be concealable for me as they would stick out too much but the vertical would be better. I carry a Glock 19. Adjusting the harness was definitely a 2 person job and it was a pain to get it just where I wanted it(thanks wifey!) But when it was all said and done, I love this holster. And the tie done straps function as suspenders to hold the pants up! I do not believe that a single holster does all but this holster does wonders in the winter under a zip up hoodie or jacket. Shoulder carry is now an option for me.
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Feb 3, 2018
Indy 500
I bought the VHS vertical system in 2017. I am 5 ft - 10 inches tall and weigh 170. I have tried for months to get this vertical holster adjusted so that the 2 holster attachment buckles do not bite me in my armpit. Even if I lower the holster down to waist level... it still causes discomfort from the straps rubbing around my pit. Maybe because I'm muscular with a body fat of 15% and wear a 46/48" shirt ? Have tried everything with no success. Lean people beware.... you might be more comfortable with the Miami 2 horizontal rig. The attachment buckles are much further apart offering more seperated strap width under your armpit. I have ordered one myself and I'm hoping for a better comfort experience. Gr8 build quality. I have several 1911 belt holsters and love them all. Will update my comments once my Miami 2 arrives. Cheers :--)
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Sep 22, 2017
Model 19 357 6"
Big, Heavy 6" revolver. Purchased this vertical holster to carry my model 19 6" on a 4 wheeler. Super comfortable. To my surprise buy switching grips, this revolver actually conceals under my summer, light weight motorcycle jacket and any loose fitting button up shirt. (un tucked) Where I live it is always at are over a 100 deg. I do not sweat under this rig, (cotton undershirt) even with the weight of a 6" model 19. Anyone looking for a way to carry a full size weapon look no further.
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