Packing a classic

Jul 9, 2018 at 12:00am
By Gerard D.
Packing a classic

While we’re on the subject of semi auto pistols, let’s talk about another classic that was just discontinued, or should we say retired by FN. The Browning Hi-Power (or P35) was once considered the “operator’s” combat pistol of choice, used widely throughout the world by various special operations forces well known for their expertise and professionalism. The British SAS and early FBI HRT were probably the most notable of these organizations.

This semiauto Hi-Power, with its original 13-round capacity, and now 15-round aftermarket magazines, has enjoyed wide popularity in the civilian world as well. Recent high end versions such as the beautiful Night Hawk Browning Hi-Power or excellent custom conversions from Robar, remain very popular among serious enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Finding a holster for a Hi-Power seems fairly easy. Here at Galco we offer several, and since it easily fits in some 5” 1911 holsters, many choices exist. One word of advice is that you shouldn’t just grab that old 1911 holster from back in the closet and expect it to function without issues.  Even though the profile is similar, the Colt 1911 is wider than the Hi-Power. What does this mean for holster fit? Well, a leather holster broken-in for the thicker frame may not be suitable for the thinner Hi-Power, so you probably should have dedicated holsters for your Hi-Power.

Our Miami Classic has its own fitted model for the Hi-Power, and it will correctly and snugly hold the gun in the horizontal position. Our Avenger and Combat Master belt holsters are great choices, while IWBs like the Royal Guard and Summer Comfort help hide the big Hi-Power even in the warmest weather (and it’s 112* in Phoenix as I write this). So go ahead and enjoy that fine old warhorse and our fine leather holsters, as it’s still a very viable choice for self-defense. Just ask the Israeli Defense Force!

-Gerry D.