Jun 18, 2018 at 12:00am
By CSR .

As a woman in Galco’s Customer Service Department, you can count on me to help you find a functional, safe, and effective carry holster for your gun. You can also count on the fact that I have a more melodic voice than Gerry, that I am taller than Leo, and that I don’t own a pink holster.

In a world full of customizable options, every industry is looking to find you and what you need. Sometimes I think companies must look at the pink aisle in the toy store and decide that what appeals to a gal is dainty pink/purple, and that the boys like the manly blue/black. There is a tendency to “shrink it and pink it” as if these are the only considerations when appealing to women. I often run across women who are looking for their first carry holster who are frustrated by the amount of products that are specifically targeted “for her.” In this case, “for her” means that women in general can’t handle what the men can. An untrue statement, when you look at what women are achieving across the shooting sports world. 

Now, if pink is your thing that’s great! Pick as many pink things as you can! For me, a well thought out design, quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship are what counts when choosing a holster – especially when carrying concealed. When targeting (see what I did there) women, Galco understands that while a particular holster may not work for everyone, being a woman does not disqualify one from ANY of our holsters.

Choosing a holster is an intensely personal process, perhaps even more so than choosing a handgun.  Holster selection depends on a variety of things, including the gun carrier’s level of training and experience, body type, and intended use of the holster. For instance, I’ve become fond of Galco’s new Quick Slide belt holster for my SIG-Sauer P938. It conceals under a longer shirt or light jacket and the on/off belt loops are fast and easy to operate.

For a more concealed option during the summer (Phoenix is known to be a tad on the warm side) the updated Tuck-N-Go offers multiple cants and has such a discreet presence in my waistband that it’s hard to tell that I’m carrying. The tuckable nature of the holster allows me to blouse my top over the grip, further preventing printing.

The most important thing is to make sure the gun fits YOUR hand, that YOU are comfortable with it. Research what you want, what you need, and what will best fulfill on these requirements. The most important feature on a holster is that it is safe, effective, and fits your needs and frame. No need to stick to what is pink and small just because “women like pink stuff.”

- Katie L.