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Welcome to Galco's blog!

Apr 11, 2018 at 12:00am
By Mike B.
Welcome to Galco's blog!

Welcome to Galco Gunleather’s new blog. It’s something we’ve thought about for a long time, and now here we are! Our hope is to spark some discussion, perhaps find a few teachable moments on holsters, and just generally have some fun talking about guns and gunleather.

Rather than dive right into holster design, construction, care, or whatever, I’d like to mention that Galco will be exhibiting at the United States Concealed Carry Association’s Expo in Louisville this weekend. If you’re anywhere near Louisville, you should definitely try to come to the Expo. There’s a long list of great seminars, plus a pretty robust exhibit hall with LOTS of guns and shooting accessories. You’ll also be with several thousand like-minded people, and that’s always fun!

The USCCA provides a lot of training and education when it comes to the defensive use of handguns. Prepping for the Expo has really reminded me of the critical importance of good training when it comes to concealed carry or use of firearms in general. That training might be found locally through organizations like the NRA, regionally with itinerant instructors, or at big national-level schools like Gunsite Academy. But the point is: if you intend to own and carry a handgun for defense, you absolutely need to be properly trained in the safe and effective use of that handgun.

Good training will, first and foremost, make safe handling of a firearm second nature. Observe well-trained shooters sometime. They treat all guns as though they’re loaded. Their muzzles are always under control and intentionally directed. Their fingers never stray to the trigger unless they’re ready to shoot.

Good training will also instill good shooting habits in trained shooters. Their movements with a firearm are controlled and direct. Their safeties – if any – are released and engaged without conscious thought. Their trigger control is automatic and never haphazard. Their focus on the front sight is as rigid or soft as necessary to make the shot. Their draw and return to holster is safe and economical.

At Galco’s HQ here in Phoenix, we’re fortunate to be a couple hours’ drive from Gunsite, and just about everyone here is a Gunsite graduate (including the executive and design staff). But there’s excellent training available in literally every part of this great country. Heck, I lived in the very restrictive state of Connecticut before coming to Arizona, and was able to take some superb training there.

So get out there. Find a good instructor or three. And as Bruce Lee said, “Absorb what is useful.”

I hope we’ll see you in Louisville. Drop by the Galco booth and say hello!


PS…if there are topics you’d like to see addressed in Galco’s blog, shoot us an email at Suggestions are always welcome!