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"I just wanted to thank you for the fast turn around and excellent work on my SOB holster for my Taurus 605 custom shop order. The fit and finish are perfect as I would expect from Galco. THANKS !"
"Dear Galco, I just received the Silhouette(SIL228)to fit my Glock 30. What a wonderful piece of work it is. The craftsmanship and quality are just screaming from the holster!The pride undertaken by Galco in its construction will only be topped by the pride I will have in its wear! You have a walking endorsement /forever customer in me! I also wish to praise the help ,professionalism, and honesty I received from Tim with your Customer Service Dept. Tim is truly a grand representation of Galco! He was so helpful when I called to ask afew questions! Galco should also be recognized for its support of our military men and women! The beautiful picture of our "Lady" on your web page is exquisite! Again THANK YOU Galco for a super superior well made holster! Sincerely, David"
"Tim. I wanted to thank you, the owners and employees at Galco Int. for supporting my fellow troops no matter what your personnel beliefs on the War may be . The Holster's for Hero's program is a definite moral booster for troops young and old. It's good to see a corporation like Galco getting in on protecting our beloved country. If you would relay this message to. Since 9-11-01 I have noticed an increase of fellow soldiers getting CCW permits. I am known all over base as the go to guy when it comes to firearms and related topics. Every time I get this question: "What kind of holster should I use or buy" or "What kind of holster do you use. I always say Galco and I let them check out mine. I currently have the following holsters. I will be adding a Cop 3 slot holster shortly no matter what I have to pay. I like a holster that will last. Galco is the answer 2 MIAMI CLASSIC 2 COMBAT MASTER 1 ANKLE GLOVE I have a cordura shoulder holster and cuff case, I was sad to see the black cordura line be discontinued a while back. Please bring this line back. I don't like my issued duty gear very well cause it is not well made like my Galco holsters are. Thanks SSGT R. A. -EDITED- USAF/SF"
"I am left handed and have a heck of a time finding holsters. I was looking for a holster for a Glock G 26 and saw the M7X holster here at a local store. I went online, ordered a left handed model and waited. The next day I stopped at a local Police supply store and found a Summer Comfort IWB in left hand for a G 26. I bought it and have found out why it pays to buy a well built holster. Between the M7X and the Summer Comfort I can conceal my G 26 very, very easily. You've made a customer for life. Thanks."
"I have recently purchased a Concealable holster for my 3" 1911 and a belt....these two items have changed my whole outlook on carry for the better . Way to go Galco!"
"Hi I just received my order of a M7X Matrix holster, and wanted to thank you for the offer included of $10. off from NRA membership. I think that every American company should follow your example. I'm already a member, and have been for some time. Thanks again David"
"Happiness for me is wearing one of my vintage Colt snubbies in a GALCO Speed Paddle. Made in're damn right they are!"
"I just received my Silhouette holster for N-Frame Smith & Wesson revolvers, and I want to tell you how pleased I am with it. Excellent workmanship, a nice snug fit for either the M29 Mountain Gun or the standard M26 4" or M629. It makes the N-Frame feel more like a K-Frame Model 19. So thank you very much for your excellent holsters (I own quite a few), and I hope you continue to make them for a long time to come. Sincerely, George Morgantown, WV"
"Hi Folks, Your ankle holster, "saved my life today". I was at the C-store, picking up a bite for lunch when I was confronted by a man just outside the door asking for money. Of course I told him NO, and went on inside. When I came out, he tackled me in FULL view of the store worker. Both of us went to the ground. But, when HE got up, he was looking down the bore of my Walther PPK in 32 cal. It was even caught on vedio tape. THANK (GOD) he ran off. I called the local law and after hearing my side and the store clerks side of the story, and watching the tape, the law men said, "I wish there were more people like YOU on the streets". The would be robber? Was caught a few minutes later trying to do the same thing. I am conceal-carry and proud of it. But, this is the first time I ever HAD to use it. Thanks again for making a holster for us lefties, it saved my life today."
"As a female, my concealed carry options are different than men's. Both the UnderWraps and the thigh holster I ordered were of excellent quality and met my concealed needs. I was also pleased to see they were made in the USA. I had ordered a product similar to the UnderWraps from another company and returned it twice for defects. I highly recommend Galco products to other women who ask me my choices and would be glad to endorse Galco's products for women CCW holders. All three times I called your company, a very polite knowledgeable man took my call and answered my questions. Keep up the good work!"

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