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"I recently received my concealed carry holster along with a belt and double mag paddle holster. It's nice to see that there's still a company that prides itself on quality!! I've passed your website and catalog on to two friends that are in need of a quality holster. Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary and best of luck on your next 40!! Thanks. Dan"
"Galco, I'm not normally one to take the time to write reviews on a product, but I'm so impressed by your merchandise that I just had to stop by to say thanks. In the last few months I've purchased both a Stow-N-Go IWB holster and a Classic Lite shoulder harness, and I am EXTREMELY happy with BOTH, but in particular this harness. For the price, you absolutely can't beat it. I live in the Phoenix area and it is light and cool enough to wear even during the hot summer months. It conceals well and is comfortable enough to be worn all day (in fact, sometimes I forget I'm wearing it at all). Like any new holsters, you need to practice your draw to get it down pat, but I'd recommend both of these to anyone. In fact, I'm not only writing to you, but I'm also reviewing these products on the websites I purchased them from. Plus, I have been raving about the Classic Lite for so long that two of my friends just bought them for their guns to try it for themselves. Thanks for perfecting such a great system!"
"I recently ordered a Miami Classic in black for my HK P200SK and I am very impressed with the fit, and high quality workmanship in my new holster. I will be recommending Galco products to my fellow firearms enthusiasts. Best regards. Edward"
"Received my SB5-40B belt today. This belt will be worn with my FL118B holster. I am 69 years of age and have been a shooter since age 5. I’ve tried them all. Your products are the best on the market, period, no argument. Thank you. Richard"
"Dear Sirs, I am a disabled Vet of the armed forces. I would like to thank you for honoring our heroes.. It has been a long time coming for us to recognize all that they do for our freedom. Thank you for honoring our soldiers... Sincerely , Ken"
"Started out with your Stow-N-Go holsters for my H&K USP Compact and Taurus 85 snubbie. Have enjoyed using them both. I recently purchased your Miami Classic II for the H&K and wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed using that holster. The leather is first rate, it is very adjustable, and very comfortable to wear. In short, it is the best holster that I have ever owned. Keep up the great work!!!"
"I recently purchased two model CSB7 Cop Belts. These are undoubtedly the finest belts I have seen in a long time. The sturdiness of the leather, solid feel, and support it provides when I wear my off-duty weapon makes me glad I bought two (different widths). When I compared them to some of your competitions' products hanging near by, there was no comparison. Nice product, good job."
"Hello, I purchased a paddle holster model # FED248 for a Sig Sauer P226 handgun approximately 15 years ago. THe metal snap securing the top strap has broken and needs to be replaced / repaired. I would like to send it to your factory for repair since, in all other respects, the holster has held up wonderfully - it's been my primary duty holster since I became an investigator for my agency eight years ago. I understand that there will be a charge to repair the holster. Sincerely, Craig"
"Mr. Strong, Thank you very much for responding and attending to the repair of my holster in such a rapid manner. I was very impressed with how quickly you acted to make arrangements for me to ship the holster - and how quickly it was returned in "as good as new" condition. It's a very pleasant surprise to deal with a company that stands behind its products as strongly yours does. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I'm making it a point to share your Galco catalog with my colleagues. Sincerely, Craig"
"A great Day to everyone at Galco. I just wanted to drop you a quick note Thanking you for your dedication to quality and the care you take in manufacturing your product. I have several inside the pants designs of yours and all work wonderfully and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. I use the sky-opps a lot and really like the way its clip ties it to the belt. ( I've never had it come out with a draw during a practice). I also have a summer comfort. That is very comfortable. I recently purchased a royal Guard for my Para Ord and wasn't at all disappointed but extremely pleased. Although it has seen only 2 days use it has been extremely comfortable and keeps the fire arm positioned no matter what I am doing. Thank you for a great product."

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