"I own a couple of your holsters and am so impressed with the quality that I decided to order a belt. Got it today and I'm very pleased. Made to handle the weight of a handgun, something a typical off the shelf belt doesn't do well. Thanks so much for an American made product of unsurpassed quality. I could go on, but Galco, in my opinion, is proof that we still do it best in the USA. By the way, some of us love our dogs as much as we love our guns. Your catalog does not offer a premium leather dog collar. I would darn sure buy one or two if it did. Thanks, Tom B"
"To Everyone at Galco Gunleather, I am writing to thank you all at Galco for offering such outstanding, well fitting, purpose built and beautiful gunleather products. Ads I've seen in the past have said "Galco: Gunleather for Professionals" and after my purchases I couldn't agree more. I recently purchased the S1H shoulder holster for my 3" Ruger SP101, SSH shoulder harness, and SCA32 cartridge holder to hold two speed strips. Everything being designed to work as a complete system makes all the difference in the world for correct, proper and comfortable gun carry. Quality, Fit, Function and Comfort as I have never had before. It took me a long time to get here but now that I have, I am a Galco customer for good! I have read that the Fit of the Harness, Holster and other system products is so good that a belt and tie downs many times are not really needed. The articles are right on, when properly fitted I felt that the harness system was a part of me and did truly blend under my suitcoat even with the oversize grips I have on my 3" SP101. Later I bought the SB9 Belt and Miami Classic Tie Down Sets for when activity became more rigourous. The heavy duty Belt is the only Belt I have ever used with my custom cross draw holster that didn't sag and flop around under the weight of my SP101. The firearm stays put and in place. And later still I bought the SST Off Side Tie Down for when I wanted to go really slim underneath my suitcoat. And again slim, trim and comfortable. Read the Instructions and follow the Tips and you will be a happy customer. I am so pleased with every aspect of my Galco Gunleather products that I plan to outfit all of my handguns with them. Thank you all once again for the best gunleather I have every owned. Sincerely, Richard T. Houston, TX"
"Dear Galco, I want to say how happy I have been with my purchase of my Triton IWB holster. This is the best IWB that I have. Also I want to express how happy I am with the folks that I dealt with. They are friendly and courteous. All in all, I will give your company all the business that I can drum up with family and friends. Thanks again, Tom"
"Just wanted to tell you I was pleasantly surprised to receive my holster sooner than expected. Thanks!"
"Just wanted to comment here about my recent purchase of the Galco F.L.E.T.C.H. high ride holster. It fits my Taurus Model 605 .357 Magnum revolver perfectly. And it's very comfortable too. I barely notice that it's on me and getting in and out of car there is no problem with it either. It seems to be breaking in very nicely. Yes, they are pricey but very well worth it. I am sure it will last me a lifetime. Keep on making great holsters. All the best, Johnny"
"I Wanted You All To Know I Have Bought The Miami Classic Shoulder System. I Carry My Glock 21 45 Cal. In It. I Love The Product, The Workmanship Is Just Beautiful. I Would Recommend This Product To Any One. You Guys Put Out Very Fine Products And I'll Always Buy From You."
"I have been a customer of Galco for many years and own several different holsters from your company. I wanted to write about the N3 IWB holster I recently purchased for my Kimber Custom Shop. I have been very please with the quality of this product. More than that, I tell all my friends and family about your "Galco Magic--it makes a 4" Kimber disappear!""
"Received my belt and ammo carrier today. As always, the quality of your product just blows me away. Each piece is a work of art. Can't wait to use it in deer camp this fall."
"i have a Galco holster for all my guns just got another one just wanted to say thanks for yet another top grade product. THE DIFFERENCE IS UNDENIABLE again thank u keep it up and in the great USA"
"I received my order of a FL244 holster yesterday. I performed the fit instructions, stretching the leather and they worked perfectly. It is the finest holster for the price. Thanks for your great quality. The holster was on backorder for over a month. It was well worth the wait."

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