"The Galco concealable is comfortable to wear with the Kimber ultra Aegis II. I was wearing a inside the waistband Ross minimalist holster and it was hurting. I had gotten used to the pain of the loop holster and the pain of the slide poking me and did not notice it till I got rid of it by using your holster. It was a major difference in comfort. I hope I can support you further and, thereby, support Arizona."
"I just wanted to say you guys make some great holsters. I have several of them (my Royal Deluxe is the bomb!) and would recommend you guys to everyone. Keep up the great work!"
"Just received my shark skin dress belt back. My children had given it to me on my retirement several years ago and had ordered it too large. Can't thank you enough for your excellent work and product. Your company and employees have been a real joy to work with on my problems. I'm the proud owner of two of your shark skin holsters and mag carriers as well as the belt. Thanks again for your excellent product and it's truely been a pleasure dealing with a company like yours."
"WOW! I just got my Galco wheel gunners holster and I am so impressed.About a year ago I bought a holster for my 2".38 fromTucker. Had to wait 6mos. Its ok, but compared to my new Galco -- well, there is no way to compare. Thank you for quality and value. Bob"
"I would like to let you know that I purchased a Black FX Suede Lined Holster today for my Glock 19 from my local gun dealer and so far I am very impressed with craftsmanship and how it feel on my hip. I purchased a Galco Holster due to the excellent reputation and because it is made in the USA within the Great State of Arizona. I am looking forward to several years of service from my holster."
"I just received my Galco Wraith holster for my S&W M&P9C and must tell you it is by far the best concealment holster I have for that weapon. Perfect fit, rides higher than any other and keeps weapon very close to my body which is important for wear under summer shirts. It will be my only holster for my 9C from now on. Great job!"
"I have always been a big fan of Galco Holsters. I believe I only own two non-Galco holster (one issued by the Army and the other is for my open pistol matches). When I deployed to Iraq in 06, I wanted a Galco holster and when contacted the company and supplied the info the Rep sent a Miami Classic from his own collection. I used for an entire year and kept it until one of my soldiers deployed a few months later. I gave it to him for his tour and he loved it. This year, I was back at my old duty station at a conference and met with him again to re-coup lost times. He stated that after his tour, one of his peers deployed and used the same holster and returned it upon the end of his tour. Today I am re-joined with my old/loved holster once again. It has server three overseas tours and still in great condition. If this is not the greatest Holster ever, I don't know what is. V/R MAJ Raymond(edited)"
"Received my belt today, very nice. Thank you for the product catalog and the copy of the United States Constitution."
"I have never written to a manufacturer about anything before. I received my Fletch Holster today, and wanted to let you know how extremelly pleased I am with it. The Dan Wesson .357 revolver fits perfectly, and the holster is so much more comfortable than the competitors black nylon belt loop holster that I was using. By the way, I purchased a Royal Deluxe holster some time ago from you for my Auto Ordnance 1911 and it too is a superb fit and most comfortable. Best regards, Ron."
"It had been a few years snce purchasing from Galco. My latest purchase reminded me of the excellent service provided on my prior order. Once again, my order shipped, and the tracking information was sent to me the day after I placed my order.Good Job and Thank You!"

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