"Received my belt and ammo carrier today. As always, the quality of your product just blows me away. Each piece is a work of art. Can't wait to use it in deer camp this fall."
"i have a Galco holster for all my guns just got another one just wanted to say thanks for yet another top grade product. THE DIFFERENCE IS UNDENIABLE again thank u keep it up and in the great USA"
"I received my order of a FL244 holster yesterday. I performed the fit instructions, stretching the leather and they worked perfectly. It is the finest holster for the price. Thanks for your great quality. The holster was on backorder for over a month. It was well worth the wait."
"Congratulations. I enjoyed my Galco shoulder holster in Iraq this year. Everybody wanted it! I would not sell it; I am keeping it for my next deployment. Thanks. LTC Mike EDITED"
"I knew I was buying the best, then I actually read the enclosed paper work and was very impressed. USA! I'm a lifetime customer. Thank You! P.S. Not my first Galco Product."
"Hello I just received my first Galco leather product. ( MC212 ) The fit, feel, looks, and yes even the smell is outstanding. Hooked for life ! Steve"
"In July I purchased a holster for my new 5 1/2" Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum revolver. It seemed fine until I saw a Galco holster. I immediately returned the first holster and bought the Galco. The craftmanship and materials are the best I have ever seen. I was so impressed that I bought another Galco holster last week, this time for my 7 1/2" Ruger Super Redhawk .44 magnum. I was not disappointed, same beautiful leather, and same great smell! Who says great products are no longer made in the USA."
"whoa. that's quick. thanks Mike"
Stevan W
"I have spent 18 months contacting various holster makers in the continental US looking for items that would fit my Berretta 90 Two to no avail. No one, and I mean no one, replied, offered to help, nothing. Then I saw your Ad in Guns and Ammo Magazine. You specifically list the Model 90 Two. THANK YOU. I placed a $327 order a few minutes ago."
"10 years ago, I purchased a Yaqui Slide holster & a DMC magazine pouch for carrying my 1911A1 Colt Model Colt pistol, after borrowing one for my CCW class. Quality of workmanship is absolutely first-class. Carry comfort, weapon retention, concealability, & draw from under a cover garment is flawless. I am 5'7" & weigh 155 lbs and this setup is ideal for my physical build. Congratulations on your 40th birthday. Michael San Felipe, TX"

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