"I just received my Silhouette holster for N-Frame Smith & Wesson revolvers, and I want to tell you how pleased I am with it. Excellent workmanship, a nice snug fit for either the M29 Mountain Gun or the standard M26 4" or M629. It makes the N-Frame feel more like a K-Frame Model 19. So thank you very much for your excellent holsters (I own quite a few), and I hope you continue to make them for a long time to come. Sincerely, George Morgantown, WV"
"Hi Folks, Your ankle holster, "saved my life today". I was at the C-store, picking up a bite for lunch when I was confronted by a man just outside the door asking for money. Of course I told him NO, and went on inside. When I came out, he tackled me in FULL view of the store worker. Both of us went to the ground. But, when HE got up, he was looking down the bore of my Walther PPK in 32 cal. It was even caught on vedio tape. THANK (GOD) he ran off. I called the local law and after hearing my side and the store clerks side of the story, and watching the tape, the law men said, "I wish there were more people like YOU on the streets". The would be robber? Was caught a few minutes later trying to do the same thing. I am conceal-carry and proud of it. But, this is the first time I ever HAD to use it. Thanks again for making a holster for us lefties, it saved my life today."
"As a female, my concealed carry options are different than men's. Both the UnderWraps and the thigh holster I ordered were of excellent quality and met my concealed needs. I was also pleased to see they were made in the USA. I had ordered a product similar to the UnderWraps from another company and returned it twice for defects. I highly recommend Galco products to other women who ask me my choices and would be glad to endorse Galco's products for women CCW holders. All three times I called your company, a very polite knowledgeable man took my call and answered my questions. Keep up the good work!"
"Just wanted to give another point of view, so to speak. Most of the testimonials on your website are from men, so here's mine. I moved to Arizona several years ago from a far more restrictive state, and finally had a need for a holster to carry my brand new S&W 1911 model. My son talked me into buying a Galco holster as though there weren't any other brands on the market - and he was right! I love my holster's looks, feel, function and durability so much that when I bought a Beretta, I came back to Galco. Daily carry (both concealed and open) has done absolutely nothing to mar my holster. Looking forward to the handbag. Thanks again!"
"I recently purchased your new SSS250B holster. GREAT, love it! I am a retired Capt. from the Charleston County SO. I still carry a gun every day and have 6 of your products. I've never been unhappy with one. I have also used one DeSantis holster and one AKER holster, I'll stick with yours. Keep up the Great work. Joe"
"I ordered a holster for my duty handgun in Kabul, Afghanistan. Knowing how long it takes internet orders to be processed and then shipped, I didn't expect to see it until late February or March. Imagine my surprise when I received your shipment this morning--a mere week after ordering it!! You, along with the military mail system, have outdone yourselves. Thank you. I will pass along your catalog with my praises and endorsement. Order number: edited."
"Just wanted to drop a note and say how pleased I was with the phone service provided by Tim. He patiently listened to my tale of woe regarding a holster to fit my H&K 2K SK, took my number, researched the issue and actually called me back. These days receiving a call-back is just short of phenomenal - more often the "sounds of silence" are deafening. Tim represents the company well; his professional spirt and service minded attitude ensures that I'll continue to buy Galco products. cheers. While not, repeat NOT, ending this on a negative note.... I do think it too bad that you do not offer a tour of your factory. I believe it would be interesting to see the process."
"To whom it may concern, I recently purchased a Miami Classic holster from Cabela's in West Virginia and can’t wait to use it. I also just placed an order for some tie downs and cleaning products. I just wanted to comment on your website. It’s probably the best website I have ever used and I buy online all the time. I know your products are great, but I wanted to let you know your website and navigation is wonderful. Being in marketing myself, I know you’re always trying to enhance your site and wondering if your customers are having a good experience using it. It's the best I have ever used,please give my compliments to the people involved with your website. Sincerely, Robert"
"Thanks. You folks are great to do business with. You said it was backordered and would be shipped about 12/6. I'd say 12/7 is pretty close...congrats for doing what you say you are going to do... Peter"