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Chad O.
"Just wanted to let you all know how happy I am with the 1911 leather holster I just bought. The leather and craftsmanship are amazing. I also love the fact that it's made with steerhide and the way it's tanned. I never had a Galco before but now I will never buy a different brand. It'ss so very hard to find a holster like this, thank you so very much for making such a high quality holster to carry my firearm."
Galco Testimonial
Sam S.
"I just received another galco holster for my HK P30. Form, fit and function is excellent, like the other 12 or so Galco holsters I have for my guns. I want to compliment Galco for a quality product. I'm sure more will be in my future. Thanks again!"
Galco Testimonial
Tom M.
"The WheelGunner I ordered from your company arrived today and I want to compliment you on a great product and very adaptable design. It fits my N-frame Smith perfectly and I am looking forward to testing it completely on the farm. Thanks again and I appreciate what you do for the people who protect and serve."
Galco Testimonial
Art C.
"I've had my Galco ankle holster for about 4 weeks now and it's the best I've used. After trying two other brands for my S&W 638 I finally decided to spend the money on a quality holster as recommended by several policemen. Most of the time I forget that I have it on. I really appreciate the quality and comfortable fit. Thanks for such a great product."
Galco Testimonial
William B.
"I have a Galco Tuck-N-Go holster for every weapon that I elect to carry. I am a little man of 130 lbs and the design of the Tuck-N-Go allows me to cover my weapon even when wearing a tucked in dress shirt. Great design -- if you try it you will like it!"
Galco Testimonial
Bob G.
"I received my holster last Friday and works great. Also the instructions that came with it are the best instructions I ever had to follow. Keep up the good work."
Galco Testimonial
Don J.
"You guys are the best. I love my new black, 4 inch holster for my Taurus Judge. It's perfect, great work!!! Fits like a glove, and looks beautiful just like I thought it would. I would recommend you guys to anybody. You also put up with all my email questions very politely I might add. Thank you so much because I really didn't know what to do for a holster. I looked around and nobody made a 4 inch Taurus Judge holster. I'm not sure how many would even take a custom order but you did and wow I'm very impressed. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.  "
Gary J.
"Order received. Please tell whoever made this that this is a mighty fine piece of craftsmanship and thank you very much!"
Galco Testimonial
Becky P.
"We purchased our first Galco belts today. We like the extra stitching, durable construction and style. Look forward to years of service."
Galco Testimonial
Tom B.
"Folks at Galco, my wife isn't a big purse person, but she loves this!! Thank you."
Galco Testimonial

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