"Have 3 Galco holsters and this one for my XD-45 is excellent, as are all the others. Fit and finish are exquisite, retention is superb, and concealability excellent. Have tried other holster products before, but I keep coming back to Galco. You just can't beat quality leather."
Galco Testimonial
Burke Hinman
"I Bought the Miami classic shoulder rig and love it. It has already been coast to coast and back on a motorcycle and is very comfortable to the point I keep checking to make sure I did not forget to put it on. only suggestion would be to include more screws for adjustment of straps and also offer a combo that would include belt hook ups. Also received in plenty of time for the ride. only about 1600+ riders.what a hoot and nobody could tell I was carrying."
Galco Testimonial
"Received the Stinger for my Sig 938. Broke it in per enclosed instructions. Excellent fit, retention and easy draw. Quality holster for short money. I have a custom maker holster that costs three times the price of the Stinger. A wrestling match attempting to draw the pistol or reholster. The Stinger puts the custom to shame. Bepe"
Galco Testimonial
"Great Holster, Great service. It is the second one I have bought. Love the extra goodies in the box."
Galco Testimonial
Doug H
"I use this as an EDC belt and it is fantastic. They are true to size and durable. The belt is stiff, but not uncomfortable. I highly recommend this belt and Galco... I’ve been using Galco exclusively, for my leather needs since 1992."
Galco Testimonial
"Excellent product would highly recommend!"
Galco Testimonial
Joe Washington
"This my third stinger holster from galco. I have two for my Ruger LCR 357mag and 9mm and my newly purchased Glock 43x. Excellent quality and workmanship. Great job Galco."
Galco Testimonial
"Excellent fit and finish. The tabs also make sure this holster stays in place securely so you can draw from it with confidence. You can also wear this all day, even if you're seated a great deal of the time. The paddle doesn't extend down to the point that wearing it while seated causes any discomfort, and I have had a paddle holster from a different manufacturer where this was an issue."
Galco Testimonial
Mark Lambert
"I have used the Triton for about three years. I’ve tried a lot of IWB holsters, but the Triton has one clear advantage. It can be put on and taken off in seconds. No muss no fuss, no struggle. Since I live in Northern VA and travel into MD and DC regularly, being able to remove or replace my firearm quickly and discretely is a BIG advantage. It is comfortable, does not grip the firearm excessively like the leather or fabric holsters can, and copes with sweat in summer. Good to go!"
Galco Testimonial
William L.
"Thank You for manufacturing such Hi-Grade Leather Products. A former Galco employee introduced me to your Company long ago in 1997. I'm such a huge fan of the pure-quality products your craftsmen engineer regularly. Thank you again for such super-fine products that I can carry with pride!"
Galco Testimonial