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"I am a customer. Nobody special. Just wanted you to know that your products are beyond reproach. I know leather. Spent much of my life as a working cowboy. The boots I wear are custom made to my feet of the best working leather. I put your gun leather in that class. Holsters, mag pouches, belts, every thing I purchase that says Galco is quality that I can trust my life to. Thank you. Thought you might like to know."
Galco Testimonial
"Works well for me... 5’10, 180 lbs, 34” waist. Untucked shirt only, no jacket. Quality and finish? It’s a GALCO... ‘nuff said."
Galco Testimonial
"I was extremely satisfied with the attention I received from Galco. You guys are five stars without a doubt. The product was exactly what I needed and it fit like a charm. Thanks for everything you do."
Galco Testimonial
James Jones
"Fantastic product. Comfortable to wear. Secures firearm well. Easy to take on and off. I've been carrying concealed for 18 years and this is the best IWB holster I've ever worn. I highly recommend."
Galco Testimonial
R. Coffel
"As with other products I’ve purchased from GALCO, this belt is outstanding! I would recommend their products to anyone who seeks superior quality and longevity."
Galco Testimonial
Scott K.
"So far I’ve ordered two items from this company each one is of the highest standard and very reasonably priced. Unfortunately one of the items I doubled ordered. Customer service was very understanding there was no problem with returning the product. I look forward to doing more business with this company in the future."
Galco Testimonial
Terry Kimmel
"The belt is awesome. The weight and quality is beyond what was expected. I carry either a compact 45 or 9mm, not cub compact. The belt doesn’t even know its there, very stable. Way to go Galco!!!"
Galco Testimonial
Orlando E.
"Excellent customer service, fast delivery, outstanding quality, beautiful leather holster. Thanks again Galco!"
Galco Testimonial
"I love this holster, I wasn't sure how it would ride. But it fits snug and rides perfectly. This is my first revolver holster, but won't be my last."
Galco Testimonial
"I had the Galco Custom Shop make one in black (it had to be black) for a 1911 that I wear 40-48 hours a week at work. I expected it to take the typical 6-8 weeks. It arrived in 15 days. Perfect fit. No break in needed. Holster, draw and secure - no issues. I wore it to work the same day it arrived. Beautiful, fantastic job by the Custom Shop."
Galco Testimonial

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