Bruce Gualdoni
"Outstanding holster especially for the price. Such great quality for so little money. Hard to find in todays market."
Galco Testimonial
Mark Rowley
"I recently purchased this ankle holster for my S&W M&P 45 Shield based on my experience with another Galco ankle holster I wear on-duty for my S&W 38 Special Model 642-2. These holsters are very comfortable and securely hold both firearms. I've worn the Galco ankle holster for the 642-2 now almost daily for over 5 years and it has held up extremely well. The craftsmanship and durability of these ankle holsters are exceptional. I highly recommend Galco holsters!"
Galco Testimonial
Louis Soja
"I recently purchased this holster. It is my third Galco product second shoulder holster (other is MC for 1911)this is one of the best most affordable holsters I have ever owned. Not many companies make a holster to fit the ct9 everyone makes it for ct45or cw9. Thank you Galco life long customer here. Also the pocket Constitution is very nice and appreciated."
Galco Testimonial
Larry D
"The Galco Sporting Collection of Goods are of the finest materials and workmanship of any such goods available anywhere Worldwide. The leathers are superior as are the details of each product. I have many such leather products from different manufacturers but Galco's are without question a step above them all."
Galco Testimonial
"This is probably the best holster on the market!"
Galco Testimonial
"I wanted an inexpensive holster for my G19x. Didn't plan on CC with it but always nice to have a holster just in case. I ordered the Blakguard. Upon delivery inspection revealed a very well made holster. Firearm fitment was 5 star with good retention and easy draw. I was unexpectedly very surprised. I don't think I could have gotten a better holster if I had spent three times the cost."
Galco Testimonial
"Craftsmanship is awesome and fits perfect. Couldn't be more impressed. Thanks Galco!"
Galco Testimonial
"I have purchased many Galco products ,as they set a high standard in quality and innovation."
Galco Testimonial
Richard Verity
"Thank you for providing many quality holsters for us Southpaws !"
Galco Testimonial
"I want to say that I have never dealt with a more patriotic company ….. the Miami vice style holster is a great quality leather and the workmanship is perfection …. I received this holster quickly and it looks and feels like it was made just for me. It is easy to conceal and the weight distribution makes it feel so comfortable. I was very impressed with a hand written note and a copy of the United States Constitution as a gift....I will definitely be a repeat customer and tell everyone about your company...thank you all so very much."
Galco Testimonial