Tim Vinci
"I must say when I first looked at this holster I wasn't sold on it since I was looking for a 100% Leather solution. Now that I have it I LOVE IT! My EDC is a Springfield Hellcat OSP and this holster is perfect. The gun is exactly where I want it, and at the perfect height for clean smooth draws. I was concerned about having an EDC with a Red Dot fitting properly in a conceal holster, those concerns are gone. The holster conceals perfectly with a loose shirt draping over it and its very comfortable. I have been carrying concealed for a very long time and I must say with the exception of the weight of my gun (my issue, not Galco's) I don't even think about it being there. In fact, I put the holster on EVERY DAY, I holster my gun when i leave the house or office but the holster is always on. Great fit! Great Retention! There is no fall over from the weight of the gun, I really enjoy wearing it. In fact I may buy a second one just so I always have one. Great job on this Holster. I would HIGHLY recommend it!"
Galco Testimonial
Frank M
"I can't say enough good things about this holster. After a brief break in using the plastic shopping bag trick, my 1911 snaps into place with a nice authoritative click. A quick tug produces a very smooth extraction. The 4 O'clock belt position is perfect for CCW. It is completely unnoticeable from a front view and remains comfortable when seated. Thanks Galco. Great Product."
Galco Testimonial
"Absolutely impeccable quality. It's not often this day & time to see such pride in workmanship. Thank you!"
Galco Testimonial
"I have to say thank you very much. I finally found after 3 tries to get an ammo pouch that fits my darn body type but the ones you sold me are AWESOME. I already love my holsters from you guys but, the ammo pouches fit great. Once again, you came through for me. Thanks very much. Please, never change your great products or service. Well, products you have to upgrade but, don't forget your tried and true ones!"
Galco Testimonial
"I have this holster for a S&W 442 that I carried daily for about 10 years, and other than a scuff mark or two it is "good as new", and that particular model has some stretch fabric to assist in retention, and I do not hesitate to wear that holster knowing that it has stayed serviceable for more than 25 years. Now with all that said, when I saw that GALCO has a model to fit my Glock 26 I ordered right away. After wearing it for about the last two and a half weeks I am still impressed by GALCO's quality, design, and price. Some holsters do sting the wallet when purchased, however, it's not so bad knowing that it will not need to be replaced, ever! Unless you lose it or something weird happens. I have 3 different Jackass rigs, 3 different ankle gloves, several different magazine pouches (for different style mag's), and several belt holsters for SIG, 1911's, and Glocks, and a couple revolvers that makeup my selection of every day carry holsters, of which 99.9% percent of the time I carry two pistols, reloads, and also wear the GALCO "cop ankle band" I think it's called with a flashlight quickclot sponge and vacuum-sealed roll gauze. I know I strayed off topic a little, but I could not think of reviewing one GALCO holster without committing on the quality of every piece that I have bought from them over the last three decades. I still have (and wear) my very first "jackass rig" for a 1911. So without hesitation, I give GALCO 5 stars for the Hornet belt holster for the Glock 26, as well as every other holster I've gotten from them. You just cannot go wrong if you're looking for high quality, that will last longer than you will probably ever need it too. Best regards, Steve from NC"
Galco Testimonial
"I have purchased multiple products from Galco over the years and I can honestly write that their merchandise is top of the line. If you are looking for quality, look no further. They are the best in the industry and define the phrase "satisfaction guaranteed"."
Galco Testimonial
Robert Alexander
"I've worn Galco hostlers for years, several different types and styles and they are all first rate material, craftmanship, quality leather and great fit. They are clearly the leader in fine hostlers. I don't order anything other brand."
Galco Testimonial
"Be prepared to invest some time breaking this holster in, or purchase some of the break in products they offer to speed up the process. The holster works great on both my 1.5" and 1.75" Galco belts. You cannot beat a leather Galco rig for quality, fit, comfort, appearance, finish or reputation. You cannot find better gun leather on this planet."
Galco Testimonial
"True artisans who's craftsmanship & quality is clearly demonstrated in making a holster with the finest materials. Proud to wear this holster as my EDC securing my Kimber!"
Galco Testimonial
John Medlicott
"You always get what you pay for with Galco. In an effort to waste money I tried a cheap competitors IWB holster and it sucked. Painful to wear, unable to adjust the carry angle. The Galco holds my Glock 26 securely and carry’s as comfortably as an IWB can. It’s no coincidence that my other Favorite Holster is made by Glaco, my Miami-Classic. I have carried my Glock 19 in it for 15 years. I have carried a Firearm everyday for the last 30 years, you won’t find a better holster of any type than what Galco has to offer."
Galco Testimonial

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