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Jeffrey S.
"I recently received a Galco KingTuk IWB holster, purchased through Cheaper than Dirt, after seeing them reviewed by Hickok45. I have tried every holster type to CCW a Glock 20 without success until now. It's even comfortable while driving. I also like that it fits both G20 and G29, and is made in the USA."
Galco Testimonial
Darren C.
"I just received my Miami Classic holster for my USP Compact, and I just wanted to tell y'all that it's the best holster I've ever owned. Perfect fit and function and sits perfectly under my shoulder. Can't wait to use it in the fall. Thanks for a great product!"
Galco Testimonial
Mike D.
"I’m a south paw shooter and once having purchased a handgun, holsters of any configuration for a lefty are few (very few) and far (verrrry far) between for me in availability. In Boise we have Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and numerous independent gun shops, but again, a lack of any lefty holsters on stores shelves in so frustrating. The Boise region also has a multitude of leather makers specializing in top quality custom holsters – for a pretty penny – and a lengthy wait time. I was very surprised to discover your new “Ironhide” ambidextrous holster for my 4” Kimber 1911 pistol in a local gunshop. Fits great, the retention strap was a major selling point for me, at a very reasonable price. It’s a well-thought-out concept for a holster for us Left-Out-In-The-Cold Lefties. Thank you so much!"
Galco Testimonial
Jay A.
"Just wanted to congratulate you guys on the most perfect comfortable holster! I just purchased the Galco Ankle Lite holster and it's extremely comfortable and secure. Thank you guys! Great job on a superb product!!!!!! Extremely happy and I will highly recommend it."
Galco Testimonial
Dave K.
"I just picked up the KingTuk for my Glock 23. I had been using a DeSantis B6 with a single clip. The B6 rode too low and didn't have the same stability and was near impossible to reholster. The KingTuk has great weight distribution along the two belt clips and holds the pistol at a much higher angle making it much easier to draw and reholster. I'm very satisfied with this product after carrying for a day. The height and positioning (between 4 and 5 o'clock) of this holster with the wider weight distribution didn't make me feel uncomfortable seated as the aforementioned holster. It also didn't feel like it was tugging on the single clasp, pulling my pants down. Long story short, KingTuk is a great product. When summer comes, I'll probably wish Cabela's had the Air version!"
Galco Testimonial
Ben B.
"I bought a Galco Concealable belt holster for my Glock 38 and cannot be more pleased with the craftsmanship, comfort and performance of this fine leather holster for my everyday carry pleasure."
Galco Testimonial
Tim S.
"Hello, I don't usually email a company regarding their products, but I ordered one of your Field Grade Culling Belts from OpticsPlanet, and I received it today. I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. The cartridge loops fit my .375 H&H cartridges perfectly, and I am sure that I will receive years of service from such a high quality belt. In a day and age where everything seems to be mass produced with the cheapest materials possible, thank you for manufacturing a quality product. I look forward to using it."
Galco Testimonial
Jeffrey C.
"I have been Active Duty Army for 12 years and have done 5 tours between Afghanistan and Iraq. I am an expert in selecting a good OWB holster for open carry. Having said that, I spent the better part of the last 6 months searching for a good IWB holster for my Glock 19. I now have a Bianchi, Don Hume, Raven Concealment, Relentless Tactical, and a Blackhawk holster all for IWB that I will never use because I purchased the Galco KingTuk. I had a hard time concealing at the 3-4 o'clock because of the size of the pistol. The KingTuk is amazing. After about 10 minutes, I forget it is even there. The holster is very well made and will certainly withstand the test of time. I don't have to try hard at all to avoid printing because the holster pulls the pistol grip tight against me, preventing a hard edge from sticking off my side. I will say, it was a tough choice to get the King Tuck over the Scout Gen2, but who knows what the future holds. I buy gear but only use the stuff that I know I can stake my life on, so the KingTuk will certainly make its way on my hip as often as practically possible. Thanks for making a great product."
Galco Testimonial
Mark W.
"I just bought a KingTuk IWB for my Rock Island Ultra 5" 1911 10mm. Wow! It's gonna take some break in, but I am impressed. It conceals well and comfortable. I think I like it better than my Alien Gear, because the Kydex doesn't cover the whole pistol scratching my finish. The fit couldn't be more spot on. It's perfect. You can adjust how you need it to ride. Good job guys!"
Galco Testimonial
John N.
"I just received a shipment of your fine holsters to replace my older Galco's. Enclosed was a copy of The Constitution of the United States. Really cool. Thank you, it made my morning. Took my lunch early and read it cover to cover."

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